Pole to Pole Campaign


The Pole to Pole campaign is about the Ambassadors of the Poles, about penguins, about polar bears, about the Arctic and Antarctic in general and it is about us taking responsibility for the way we live. With the focus on a broader acceptance of and action for sustainable living, this campaign aims to build upon tried and tested methods for lowering an individual’s or a community’s carbon footprint. It is not about pointing accusing fingers, forbidding certain non-sustainable actions. It is about creating an atmosphere where riding your bike, planting a tree, turning off the light, and putting on a jumper and lowering your thermostat becomes the norm, not the exception. The greater the uptake, the greater the impact. We want to create a snowball-effect and aim to get as many people all over the world to put in a little personal effort and stimulate other individuals and organisations to do the same! We want to establish effect by creating ‘mass’.

Campaign Objectives:

1) Secure the participation of as many zoos, aquariums and other institutions and organizations in as many countries as possible

We can reduce the speed of global warming and save polar species and environments by acting sustainably. This however will only be successful if we work together with as many institutions and people as possible. EAZA has over 340 members across 41 different countries. 130 million people visit EAZA zoos and aquariums per year. Just think of the difference we can make if every institution (EAZA member or not) and all their visitors gets involved in this campaign. Sign up now!

2) Affect positive behaviour change amongst: zoos (at the organisational level); schools (at the organisational and individual level); and, zoo visitors (at the individual level) and the wider community

If we want to encourage institutions and people to behave more sustainably we need to identify how they can do this and set a good example. The Pole to Pole Campaign aims to stimulate and support zoos, aquariums, other institutions and individuals to become more sustainable. We want everyone working in and visiting zoos and aquariums to sign the pledge to change their behaviour and Pull the Plug. By taking the pledge you save energy, save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and contribute to saving the life of polar bears and penguins. Find out more about the Pull the Plug pledge.

3) Run as near a carbon-neutral campaign as possible.

A good campaign starts with a good example. How do you prepare and run a campaign sustainably? The Pole to Pole campaign aims to be the kick-start for policy development in preparing and running as near as possible a carbon-neutral campaign.

4) Present a petition calling on world leaders to reduce CO2 emissions.

Pole to Pole participants commit to reducing carbon emissions by Pulling the Plug. We want our governments to know that and play their part as well. We want our world leaders to change their policy and set the CO2 target lower than 350ppm!

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