Grab That Gap

Our Grab That Gap campaign encourages all our collections to grab a small (approx. 5m2) area of unused space on their site (for example a stand-off barrier or a grass verge), and plant it up in Spring with wildflowers, provided by Scotia seeds (  This is part of a wider effort to improve management of our sites for native species.

In the summer, all participating zoos and aquariums will then be invited to carry out a mini-bioblitz on their new mini wildflower meadows, to count the number of species they can find in one square meter.  Those who send in a photograph of their Grabbed Gap and their completed mini-bioblitz results will receive a certificate, and the collection with the most impressive results will win a beautiful tree to plant on their site, generously provided by Barcham Trees.

For more information on planting wildflowers check out the Flora locale website.  By clicking on the 'Create a Meadow' icon on the Flora locale homepage you can access a list of training opportunities, technical notes and case studies of other growing projects.

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