30 Days Wild

Posted: 30th June, 2017

Throughout June 2017, Blackpool Zoo’s education team took on the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild challenge and completed at least one random act of wildness each day.

From hugging trees to cleaning beaches, this was the perfect opportunity to embrace the wild, connect with local environments and learn more about native species.

The aim was to get the zoo team more connected with nature, and to inspire others to do the same through social media. Across the zoo, departments have also been participating by sharing their knowledge and experience about all things wild. Tree identifying workshops, a hedgehog rescue tour and a rock pooling sessions are only some of the events given to staff by local experts.

Laura Whiteside, education and sustainability officer, said:  “The 30 Days Wild challenge has allowed us to highlight what we already do for native species at the zoo, and it has stirred us to do even more. The new experiences and the fun we’ve had, has definitely brought the team together, and we encourage everybody to partake in the future!”

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