A great family success at Knowsley Safari BioBlitz 2017

Posted: 6th May, 2017

This May Knowsley Safari’s foot safari became host to BioBlitz 2017, a Sunday all about our British native species and how everyone can get involved with identifying them.

A Safari Basecamp tent was opened, which became the go to place on safari to come and learn something new about the world around us. Families were invited to get involved with activities, crafts and talks, all around native species. Birds, small mammals, invertebrates and amphibians were covered. Children of all ages could come into the basecamp and learn about the bugs in their own garden and even come away with their very own handmade pinecone bird feeder.

Experts were on hand to answer any questions on identifying native life in their very own gardens, as well as tours through Knowsley Safari’s woodland areas to discover what could be found and identified.

Families and children of all ages came along and discovered the activities and learning opportunities available. The Learning & Discovery team, along with local experts, shared their knowledge on how everyone can get involved with discovering and identifying native species, with the main aim of enthusing the upcoming generation of nature lovers and instilling in them the importance of the species in your very own back garden.

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