A parade of 500 people celebrates at Knowsley

Posted: 25th May, 2019

The Tiger Parade welcomed 500 tiger clad people of all ages onto Knowsley Safari's Amur Tiger Trail on 25th May 2019!

The event was completely free and the special 500 were selected to take part in the parade. The 500 was espeically significant, representing the 500 Amur Tigers left in the wild.

The 25th May marked 12 months since the Amur Tiger Trail opened. A huge project for Knowsley Safari and the product of years of planning and hard work! The Parade celebrated this while also designed to raise awareness of the plight facing the endangered Amur tiger.

People came in their orange, black and white clothing! The safari was covered in tiger stripes and the most dedicated tiger lovers had their faces painted too. Although the event was free of charge, visitors were generously donating towards projects supported by both Knowsley Safari and WildCats Conservation Alliance to save Amur Tigers for future generations.

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