Amur Tiger Trail now open

Posted: 25th May, 2018

Knowsley Safari's Amur Tiger Trail is officially open!!

A tiger striped ribbon was cut by Lord and Lady Derby before a tour for special guests delivered by a knowledgable Education team. It's safe to say the VIPs were in awe!

Tigers are notoriously difficult to spot and on Knowsley's safari drive this was especially the case. Time and patience is key to spotting a tiger, something that's really best on foot safari. So 3 years ago the idea of an improved tiger enclosure was thought up. The area was chosen for its fantastic natural properties, and the first spade was ceremoniously dug into the ground.

Since then, the area has been completely transformed! 12 months of hard work has seen a muddy wood, grow into the forests of Amur, complete with areas to engage and amaze visitors, and a tiger enclosure to rival any other across the world!

This is no ordinary walk in the woods!

The trail takes visitors on a journey through the Amur region of Russia to learn all about the Amur Tiger – also known as the Siberian Tiger. There’s opportunities to discover facts you never knew about tigers and plenty for the kids to get involved in. And of course, there’s places to see the real Amur tigers at our spectacular glass viewing points! Feel immersed in the tiger’s territory as you gaze out onto their impressive habitat!

And now it’s open to everyone, so go and take a look!

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