Tropical Butterfly House

Bird superstars raise vital funds for charities

Posted: 17th October, 2017

There are lots of amazing animals at the Tropical Butterfly House; however it’s the free flying birds who have stolen the show of late.

The wildlife centre’s fantastic bird team have trained the resident birds to free fly simultaneously, making the displays an impressive sight! Birds in the display often include the centre’s star red and green macaws Alfie and Kato, blue and gold macaws Delta and Echo, Hahn’s macaws Che and Estaban, and kites Jet, Sonic and Rogue.

Kerry Ladds, Assistant Bird Team Leader at the popular wildlife attraction; “At the end of our free flying bird & animal displays, many visitors have either given a donation, or purchased a wristband for charity. Altogether a whopping £7,645 has been raised so far this year, and all of the staff at the Tropical Butterfly House would like to thank visitors for their generosity. It really makes a difference to animals in the wild”

£2,370 has been raised for the World Parrot Trust, which will contribute to ground-breaking field research, hands-on conservation programs, habitat protection, education and awareness programs, encouragement of better protections for parrots, and supporting the rescue, rehabilitation and release of parrots caught in illegal trade.

£2,213 has gone to the Hawk Conservancy Trust’s International Vulture Programme (IVP); the IVP focuses efforts on the research and conservation of vultures, 5 of which are now sadly critically endangered.

£1,562 has been raised for the SWCC Hedgehog Hospital, which rehabilitates and releases orphaned, injured, sick, or underweight hedgehogs back in to the wild.

£1,000 has been sent to the Gharial Conservation Alliance, which aims to stem the decline of gharial crocodiles by focusing on habitat protection, enforcement of protected areas, education, and cooperation with local people, as Gharial crocodiles are sadly close to extinction in the wild.

Visitors keen on crocodiles can see two caiman crocodiles at the Tropical Butterfly House, and may be able to meet Jackson, the baby American alligator during the daily exotic animal encounters.

Finally, £500 has been raised for local wildlife charities; £250 to the SK58 Birders Group, which is an active local bird society who record and monitor the areas birds, and £250 to Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust, which protects and enhances the environment of Sheffield and Rotherham for the benefit of people and wildlife

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