Birdwatching, Knowsley Safari style

Posted: 1st March, 2019

Three new feathered friends arrived at Knowsley Safari this week. Three adult ostrich touched down on Knowsley Safari soil with a flap of feathers and a few great big leaps using those strong legs!

The safari welcomes two new females and one male to join the two girls already on the safari drive. The trio arrived from Holland from Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen.  All three leaped out onto the safari drive in the early morning and began their exploration immediately. Take a look in the video here:

Did you know that Ostrich are the worlds largest living bird! Those powerful legs, that you’ll see up close in the video, can deliver a powerful kick, forceful enough worry lions and other predators. they also help ostrich achieve a top running speed of 72kph (45mph).

Come and see for yourself at Knowsley Safari. You’ll find them in amongst the white rhino, zebra, forest buffalo and lechwe antelope!

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