Brand new Knowsley Safari App lets visitors discover more on safari!

Posted: 20th July, 2017

Knowsley Safari have launched a brand new mobile app to provide visitors with an even more informative experience on safari.

Having such a huge amount of spacen that the animals have at Knowsley, the safari drive could not always offer information to visitors in the right place at the right time with traditional information boards. This lead to the problem of visitors not always knowing what animal they were seeing.

Knowsley Safari’s new app is the solution to this problem. In Safari Drive mode, visitors are presented with images of the animals they may see as they enter each different section of the drive. Families can all identify which animals they can see and listen to fun facts on each animal via an audio guide. With so much space, visitors can often miss out on seeing various animals as they drive in and out of different sections. With the app, it is now easy to identify which animals weren’t seen in order to go around the safari drive again and look out for them.

The Foot Safari hasn’t been forgotten though. Knowsley Safari’s app continues to educate and enthuse visitors of all ages with facts, quizzes and games on each of the foot safari animals.

The Knowsley Safari App aims to help all guests really make the most of their day on safari. Now parents will always have an answer when the kids ask “what’s that animal?”

The app is available for Apple and Android and can be downloaded here

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