Bristol Zoo joins refill water bottle revolution

Posted: 27th November, 2017

Bristol Zoo Gardens has joined the growing revolution aimed at getting people to refill their plastic water bottles instead of throwing them away.

The 180-year-old Zoo is now offering visitors the chance to fill-up their bottles at its main reception, snack kiosks and café restaurant.

It also has plans to install drinking fountains and water refill stations at other locations around its 12 acre site in Clifton.

The Zoo is one of around 200 businesses and organisations in Bristol who have signed up to the Refill campaign.

Refill was launched in 2015 by Natalie Fee from Bristol to reduce the millions of plastic bottles that end up in the rivers and oceans around the world.

Tom Hedges, director of estates at Bristol Zoo, said: “We are really proud to be part of this scheme and we are confident that it will make a difference.

“No-one visiting the Zoo needs to make a purchase to get their bottles refilled so fewer bottles will be thrown away and that is good news for the environment.”

The Society is working towards a target to end water bottles being used once and thrown away.

Natalie left a career in television to set up the campaign and within a couple of months companies all over Bristol had signed up.

Since then it has been taken up by towns and cities all over Britain and Europe. Sister schemes have also been started in Hamburg and Bonn in Germany.

Natalie told The Guardian: “Every time someone refills a bottle rather than throws a plastic one away, we are reducing the amount of plastic that reaches the ocean.”

Gus Hoyt, who is the campaign’s programme manager, said: "This is a really exciting opportunity to link the work we are doing in reducing single use plastics to the animals we are trying to save.

“With Bristol Zoo on board we can make a real impact on reducing the number of plastic bottles ending up as plastic pollution."

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