Circle of Life for recycled Big Cat Sanctuary uniform in Africa

Posted: 31st March, 2017

The Word Forest Organisation is a UK based NGO that plants trees, builds classrooms and raises environmental awareness in the UK and in the Coastal Province of Kenya.

They recently visited The Big Cat Sanctuary to collect approximately 75 pieces of our old staff uniform – polo shirts, sweatshirts and fleeces –  as even though we were unable to use them anymore due to our recent rebrand, they still have life in them for other projects.

The Word Forest Organisation have recently fundraised, and built two classrooms for Kundeni Primary School, in Bore, Kenya.  The School has around 300 children on their register, but the old ramshackle classroom could only house around 30 youngsters at a time. Since the new classrooms have been in place, it has greatly improved physical conditions felt by the students and teachers, pupils are having far higher levels of concentration, plus examination grades have improved.

However, many of the children have to sleep in the classrooms overnight because it’s simply too far to walk to.  The temperatures at night are extremely old, and most of the pupils do not have any warm clothing.  None have bedding or pillows.  So that is where our garments are heading. The community were donated sewing machines last year, they will either tailor the clothing for the children, or make bed rolls or pillows.

The Word Forest Organisation have already planted 72 acres of native trees in and around the Bore area. Each tree absorbs approximately 240kg of CO2 and because their location is very close to the equator, they’ll grow incredibly quickly.  The children understand the importance of carbon eradication and have requested more educational materials on this and other environmental topics. Hopefully they will love our environmental focus and make use of our recycled tops!

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