Coders win for wildlife

Posted: 11th October, 2016

Following 48 hours of innovative thinking and creative coding, team ‘Lookout’ beat 14 other groups to claim the winning title with their solution designed to educate travellers about the perils of buying illegal wildlife products.

Lookout’s winning idea was centred around the issue of inadvertent trafficking of endangered illegal wildlife products by international tourists. As well as designing a powerful, predictive online platform that coordinates information on illegally-trafficked items so they are searchable by tourists’ destinations,  the team also devised a communications plan to raise awareness of the issue, including automatically embedding relevant information at points throughout a travel booking process.

A U.S. Department of State initiative, the Zoohackathon saw zoos across the world - including Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, San Diego Zoo and Singapore Zoo - invite the brightest technological minds, conservation experts and designers to unite and take on one of the greatest threats currently facing the world’s wildlife.  

The winners of the London event, run by ZSL in partnership with the US Embassy, won a £2,000 prize fund and will have the assistance of ZSL’s own pioneering Conservation Technology Unit (CTU) in turning their idea into reality. 

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