Dartmoor Institute of Animal Science building officially open

Posted: 7th June, 2016

On 23rd May we officially opened the Dartmoor Institute of Animal Science building, or DIAS pod. The building was kindly donated by Plymouth University to support their students, as well as students from other universities, conduct research placements as part of their degrees. Plymouth University students on a range of degrees, including those specialising in animal behaviour and welfare, psychology, biological sciences and conservation biology will be using the building. It will also be used by arts students for life drawing, and postgraduate students studying zoo conservation.

Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Professor Kevin Jones, opened the building with DZP CEO Benjamin Mee. The building itself is known as an ecoPerch, and is eco-friendly, sitting harmoniously in the natural environment. We are really looking forward to the tremendous research and conservation studies that will be able to happen now that we have this building as well as the increased ability to communicate science to the public as part of our educational aspirations.

Here's a video of the pod from conception to reality!

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