Deep donates £25,000 to safeguard future of penguins

Posted: 14th March, 2018

After setting up Project Penguin in 2014 The Deep funded crucial research for the Galapagos penguin and have now collected £25,000 of donations from visitors dropping loose change into ‘money spinners’. The funds were donated to the Penguin Specialist Group working on behalf of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Species Survival Commission (SSC) to help pave the way in saving these threatened species.

Climate change is having a huge impact on penguin hunting grounds, with warmer waters driving food sources away from established nesting sites, exhausting the adults and increasing the risk of starvation to their chicks. They are unable to adapt to the increasingly changing environment. These funds will be used to create a worldwide Penguin Conservation Strategy, re-assessing populations and identifying threats for all penguin species, which will go on to inform future plans and conservation actions.

Katy Duke, Chief Executive at The Deep said: “This is a crucial step forward in protecting the world’s penguin populations. Planning and prioritising conservation efforts for penguins as a holistic approach will be hugely beneficial for conservation actions. It will also give us a greater platform to share conservation stories from the field with our visitors, who without, this work would not have been possible.”

"Aquariums play a vital role in the future of protecting species who are facing increasing challenges to survive in the wild,” says Kira Mileham, Director, IUCN SSC Strategic Partnerships. “This support from The Deep will allow the IUCN SSC Penguin Specialist Group to build a roadmap for saving penguins around the world and help diverse organisations rally together to make this happen. The IUCN SSC is very grateful for the partnership with The Deep and the support from their visitors."

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