Durrell’s Underhogs

Posted: 21st April, 2017

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust loves animals. Not just the headline grabbing super mega fauna but the little guys too, the species overlooked, too small to be seen and heard - the underdog species.

Launching in tandem with Series Two of ITV’s award winning drama The Durrells – Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust has produced a film – Durrell’s Underhogs - that tells the story of the smallest pigs in the world.

Durrell's Volunteer Manager Daniel Craven travels to India, the birthplace of Gerald Durrell to trace the origins of the great conservationist before joining up with the Durrell team in India who are building on his legacy.

Critically endangered, pygmy hogs are so rare they were once thought to be extinct, but today, with the help of Durrell conservationists and supporters, these little pigs are making a comeback.

Learn more about Durrell’s work with the species, environment, and community as they release the 100th pygmy hog back into the beautiful wild grasslands of Assam and how you can help.

Watch the epic and heartwarming tale of Durrell’s Underhogs here. We hope it will inspire fans of The Durrells to learn more.

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