Greater flamingo chicks hatch for the first time at Birdworld

Posted: 25th July, 2017

The keeping team at Birdworld (Farnham, Surrey), are delighted to announce that the park’s flamboyance of greater flamingos has successfully hatched chicks for the first time in the park’s history.

The eggs were laid earlier this year and have been carefully monitored b Birdworld's dedicated keeping staff. The chicks are now finding their feet and exploring the world around them as their parents keep a close, protective watch on their progress.

The newly-hatched chicks have grey feathers and a straight red bill. They will lose their juvenile grey or white colour gradually over a two to three-year period, at which time their pink feathers begin to show.

Birdworld received the flock of 25 greater flamingos from Jersey Zoo and opened the purpose-built flamingo cove exhibit in May 2015. In 2016, Birdworld welcomed a further three adult birds from WWT Slimbridge, boosting the flock’s numbers to 28.  The walk-through enclosure features natural planting, a running water stream and plenty of space to provide a healthy environment for all its occupants in surroundings that reflect their habitat in the wild.

Duncan Bolton, Birdworld Curator, commented: “We are very happy that our flock of greater flamingos are successfully breeding and hatching chicks this year, the first time in Birdworld’s 49-year history. The flock came to us around two years ago and we are very pleased with the progress they have made since arriving. The nesting activity is a sure sign that the group are settled and comfortable in the enclosure. We hope that visitors to the park will enjoy seeing the chicks grow throughout the summer  and beyond.” 

Already one of the largest bird parks in the country, the landscaped park and gardens at Birdworld are home to over 800 birds and 180 species from around the world. The park also is home to the Underwater World aquarium and the Jenny Wren Farm.

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