Fi Marchant, Jersey Zoo

Help needed for zoos facing worst winter in memory

Posted: 14th September, 2020

BIAZA is calling on Government to take immediate action as zoos and aquariums face the worst financial winter in memory. Following the impact of the coronavirus and the end of the summer visitor season, our treasured zoos and aquariums face a struggle to survive the winter.  


BIAZA is asking for: 

  • Remove prohibitive barriers to the Zoo Animals Fund to make it accessible to zoos and aquariums in need

  • Improve and extend repayment terms on CBILS

  • Extend job retention scheme into 2021 for tourism sector

  • Extend Business Rate Relief into 2021 for tourism sector

  • Cut tourism VAT from 20% to 5%

  • Increase Gift Aid from 20% to 25% for 2 tax years


“Without further intervention we will likely lose a number of our world-class zoos and aquariums before the next summer visitor period. The action so far has been welcome but it is not enough to save our zoos.” Said Nicky Needham, Acting Joint Director of BIAZA.  


BIAZA is asking you to write to your MP.  



We are also encouraging people to use #YourZoosNeedYou on social media and encourage others to join us.