Incredible news for the bush dogs!

Posted: 16th February, 2018

Knowsley Safari has had some exciting news down in the bush dog habitat. Breeding pair Simon and Lola have had 5 new puppies! These little ones mean this bush dog family now has 11 members!

Simon and Lola, Knowsley Safari’s bush dog breeding pair arrived at the foot safari in 2016 – they were the safari’s hottest couple. These two little canines were set to play an incredibly important part in the conservation of the species. Bush dogs are the only species left of their genus and in fact, very little is known about them, so having them at Knowsley Safari and having a successful breeding pair is really important!

Since their arrival Simon and Lola have already started to raise a family. Last summer saw them have 4 puppies. These 4 are now almost fully grown and are getting braver every day. The bigger family group has seen the usually elusive Simon and Lola growing in confidence, exploring their habitat much more.

Knowsley Safari are ecstatic that the bush dog family still growing. This litter of 5 more puppies in the family now makes 11 bush dogs! They’re hopeful that this even bigger family group will thrive together.

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