Inspiring the next generation

Posted: 9th July, 2018

This summer Knowsley Safari welcomed 75 children onto the safari to become intrepid explorers. This was a fantastic opportunity to get these 7-10 year olds excited about nature and the entire animal kingdom.

To kick each of these 5 day summer clubs off, the kids made a promise - ‘I promise to … look after animals, be kind to each other, and always be ready for an adventure!’ This is the attitude these safari clubs hoped to instil in the next generation, and the theme of the next 5 days.

The weeks consisted of a good mix of crafts within the safari school, learning while creating, before heading out into different environments and habitats to see what they’ve learnt in action! On one day, the little ones were able to create their very own antlers, learn exactly what antlers are for, then see for themselves Knowsley Safari’s Pere David deer crashing their own antlers together on the safari drive.

The 5 days are jam packed with meeting the various animals across Knowsley’s safari drive and Foot Safari and discovering the world of zoological careers. But it’s not just about the exotic species, oh no, all types of species are covered including our native species! The kids went down into the safari woodlands to discover the wild and wonderful world right under their feet!

Knowsley Safari will be running similar clubs during Christmas time to keep spreading the word about caring and protecting animals and the environment!

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