Keeper returns to Kumasi Zoo in Ghana, West Africa

Posted: 15th March, 2017

Colchester Zoo keeper Dave Morgan has been sharing his knowledge and assisting the Kumasi Zoo in Ghana, West Africa.

Dave has visited the zoo twice now with his most recent visit being in February 2017. During this trip Dave ran educational workshops and conducted further training on animal husbandry with the staff, as well as helping with the move of hyena within the zoo. Dave also took along some donations from Colchester Zoo including uniform and security padlocks.

Thanks to all his fantastic work Dave has been declared the Kumasi Zoo’s official advisor and will be returning to check out their progress in June 2017. It is hoped he will continue to work with their team for years to come, sharing ideas between the keepers here in the UK and in Ghana.

We are proud to have Dave as part of our team here at Colchester Zoo and will continue to support the work he is doing in Ghana with the Kumasi Zoo.

Check out the special thank you we received from the staff at Kumasi Zoo for their new uniform!

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