Knowsley Safari's Freshers

Posted: 8th October, 2018

As university freshers were finding their feet on a new campus, 3 new barasingha deer were discovering a new home at Knowsley Safari.

Barasingha deer are also commonly known as swamp deer. So as the name suggests, the swampy area in Zone 1 of Knowsley’s safari drive was all set to be a perfect environment for them.

The male and two females were released onto the safari drive together, giving them the opportunity to stick together and explore their new home within the comfort of their small herd. However, as animals tend to be unpredictable, in reality the three split up from each other immediately and set about to exploring each corner of Zone 1 individually.

The three had very different initial experiences of Knowsley Safari. The male played it cool calm and collected, finding his place amongst the other deer species and attempting to make contact with the wary Pere David deer. One female barasingha found a quiet, secluded area to assess her surroundings, but the second female ran headfirst into a herd of Kiang and Pere David’s deer causing plenty of excitement on the safari drive.

Things soon settled and the three are making themselves at home.

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