Learning and Discovery Community Officer: The story so far…

Posted: 4th May, 2018

Knowsley Safari does not only play a vital role in managing animal relationships, they’re also a huge part of the local community and wider human society. Newly appointed staff member Hayley Worsfold has taken on the role of Learning and Discovery Community Officer, within Knowsley’s learning and discovery team. In her short time within the role, she is continuing this department’s key objectives to reach out to the general public, helping them understand the importance of nature, both across the world and right here on our doorstep, and most importantly reaching out to disadvantaged and underrepresented members of this society. This new role will allow Knowsley Safari to ‘connect communities with the natural world for the benefit of future generations.’

In creating this role Knowsley Safari hopes to give back to the local community. Hayley’s role includes bringing people into the safari park as well as outreach sessions. These could be anything from inspirational talks to mock interviews or even respite sessions for young carers. It’s all about utilising the wonders of the natural world in order to raise the aspirations of young people, arming them with the skills and experience required to meet their own fundamental needs, in turn inspiring them to help protect nature.

Hayley has already visited approximately 60 schools, colleges, universities, charities and businesses and interacted with over 5,500 individuals. But it doesn’t stop there. The future of this role at Knowsley Safari looks bright and they hope to inspire many generations to come to protect our natural world.

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