Lifelong learning at Belfast Zoo

Posted: 22nd February, 2019

Older people are being invited to discover more about wildlife conservation and native species at Belfast Zoo next month, as part of the Belfast Festival of Learning.

Belfast Zoo will host its first ‘Wildlife in Danger’ workshops exploring the reasons why animals are facing extinction including habitat destruction, illegal hunting and trade.

John Fisher, Education Officer at Belfast Zoo, said: “Education is an essential role of all modern zoos and learning about conservation should be considered a lifelong skill. In a world of diminishing habitats, disappearing species and increasing urbanisations, zoos are uniquely placed to connect people to the natural world.  Zoos reach millions of people all over the world, most of them living in urban areas and having little or no other contact with nature. Participants at ‘Wildlife in Danger’ workshops can also find out about volunteering opportunities at Belfast Zoo, through which they can pass on their conservation learning to other zoo visitors”.

Belfast Zoo takes part in more than 60 collaborative breeding programmes, several of which are managed by its own staff. The zoo supports in situ conservation campaigns around the world including the Asian nature Conservation Foundation, Sifaka Conservation Trust, Bird Watch Ireland barn owl project and Lion tamarins of Brazil Fund.

Workshops will take place 6-7 March. To find out more visit

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