Lake District Coast Aquarium

Lobster Breeding in the Lakes

Posted: 23rd June, 2017

Lobster Conservation work at The Lake District Coast Aquarium, Maryport, Cumbria.

Here at The Lake District Coast Aquarium our Sea Lab lobster hatchery is now in full seasonal production. This is a compact but state of the art system that has the potential to produce several thousand juveniles on a floor space of just a few square metres and only a minimum of operator hours. The otherwise tedious job of feeding and cleaning out individual lobster cells is tackled by an ingenious tower or 'hive' that allows food to be pumped through as needed. The fact that the larval and juvenile phases are completed in a couple of months means that  visitors only get to see the full cycle between June and August, but at least this is peak holiday period. Some individual juveniles are retained for visitors to appreciate size variation and to populate the display all the year round.  Local lobster fishermen and the North Western Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority are both enthusiastic in supporting what is potentially a useful way of helping conserve and restore an important local fishery.

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