Marwell Zoo celebrates haul of donations via the Amazon wish list

Posted: 28th April, 2017

Marwell Wildlife is celebrating an incredible haul of donations – including an amazing incubator ­– as their Amazon wish list continues to go from strength to strength.

Generous donators have bought the Hampshire zoo a plethora of items that enrich a whole host of animals – including the white rhino and the Lowland tapir. They have even anonymously received a brand-new incubator that will help the bird team during the breeding season.

The enrichment activities are designed around the animals’ natural behaviours and help to stimulate them both mentally and physically. 

The whole initiative, which collates all of Marwell’s non-essential items that are suggested by the zoo’s keepers, was the brainchild of Hoofstock keeper Zoe Newnham.

She has been working hard to keep the list updated and photographing the animals as they enjoy all of their new gifts.

Zoe said: “The Amazon wish list is helping to provide enrichment to keep our animals happy and active.

“We’re absolutely delighted with the response we’ve had from our supporters and would like to thank everyone who has bought a gift.

“It’s a really personal way to donate to our charity and give directly to the animals.”

There are plenty of gifts still to be donated on the wish-list and each donator is given the opportunity to add a personal touch too.

Head of Supporter Development Lisa Reynolds added: “We really appreciate every single generous donation we’ve received.

“It’s great when the buyer leaves a personalised gift message with their name and contact details so we can personally thank them for their generosity.”

Photos and videos have also been added to the zoo’s social media pages, allowing donators to see their gifts in action.

For more details on the wish-list and on how you can support Marwell, visit

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