New Arrival – Hari the Red Panda

Posted: 9th January, 2017

The Zoo’s latest arrival, a rare red panda male named, Hari, is taking his first steps around his enclosure.

Considered an endangered species in the wild, this is the fourth time the Zoo has successfully bred the beautiful breed with mum, Nuri, and dad, Ming Ming, who together have welcomed seven babies. Twins, Ambu and Uma, now aged two, are soon set to leave the Welsh Mountain Zoo, joining the Wuppertal Zoo in Germany.

Nick Jackson, Director at the Welsh Mountain Zoo commented: “Hari was born at a very healthy weight of about 200g in the autumn with an abundance of thick fur. The Zoo’s keepers have kept a close eye on him in the early days when he stayed close to mum and dad. He’s growing in confidence now and is getting out and about so visitors may get a glimpse of what surely is one of our cutest residents!”

Ambu and Uma will leave the Zoo this month following consultations with Zoo networks across the globe. All Zoo’s collaborate closely to see where there may be breeding opportunities. The Welsh Mountain Zoo has had much success in breeding red pandas, playing an important role in helping safeguard the future of this rare species.

Nick explained: “We’re incredibly proud of our history in breeding red pandas, this time welcoming our seventh cub. We work closely with other Zoo’s and organisations both nationally and internationally to support vital breeding programmes such as this. Whilst we’re sad to say goodbye to the twins, our priority is to help support the continued preservation of endangered species including red pandas.”

Red pandas are native to the steep forested slopes of the Himalayas. A unique species, the red pandas have no relationship to their namesake and are more closely related to racoons, skunks and weasels. Conservation experts have listed them as endangered in the wild, as they are threatened by poaching and shrinking habitat.

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