New Tiger Trail starts taking shape at Knowsley

Posted: 11th September, 2017

There’s a new area taking shape at Knowsley Safari and they can now announce that this is the beginnings of a brand new Tiger Habitat!

Knowsley Safari’s foot safari will be expanding and opening out into a vast previously unused area to the east of the giraffe enclosure, dedicated to the Amur Tigers.

The new Tiger enclosure will provide a bigger and better habitat for the two female Amur Tigers that is much closer to the natural terrain on the Siberian forests that follow the Amur river.

As well as providing a fantastic area for the tigers to thrive, the new Tiger Habitat will also be a great place for visitors to experience more of the tigers.

Building work is underway with the new area set to open by 2018. More details will be published soon on so keep your eyes peeled at

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