Penguin Waddle

Posted: 29th May, 2016

In April Leitza Gorman, our Sea lion and Penguin Keeper travelled over to South Africa to see first hand the plight of the endangered South African Penguins. Here’s what Leitza had to say about her worthwhile trip.

On the 11th of April myself and 15 other penguin enthusiasts set off from Gansbaii, South Africa. Five days and 125km later we had reached our destination: the penguin colony at Boulders Beach, Simonstown! Through sweltering heat, aching muscles and sore feet we waddled on, raising awareness for the Penguin Promises action campaign. Penguin Promises asks people to make one simple commitment to the environment, it could be something as simple as a promise to stop littering, to recycle more or to stop using plastic bags. Making small positive changes to our everyday lives can save not only the African Penguin but also the world! African Penguins are an endangered species and if current trends are not reversed they could be extinct within the next fifteen years. African Penguins are of course very close to my heart because of our group at Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park, in fact this year we are fundraising for APSS (African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary) and I was able to visit their facility in Gansbaii at the beginning of the waddle. It was a fantastic experience to be involved with the waddle and I was very honoured to be the first international participant, I even had a penguin named after me! I’m excited to bring back the concept of penguin promises with me and to show our commitment we’ve even made it this years carnival theme!”

Combe Martin Carnival is held between 6th August – 13th August with the main parade on Wednesday 10th. Why not come and waddle with us!

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