Rewild our world

Posted: 29th January, 2018

On the 29th of January 2018 Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust launched ‘Wild Things’, a short film to communicate its new vision of a ‘wilder, healthier, more colourful world’.

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust has focused its new strategy on ‘rewilding’ and has set its sights on bold and ambitious targets to achieve by 2025 when its founder, Gerald Durrell, would have celebrated his 100th birthday. Commenting on the charity’s new strategy, Durrell’s CEO, Dr Lesley Dickie said: “Our new strategy is themed around rewilding and a key focus is on rewilding people – we know that when people are connected to, and feel part of nature they have a greater sense of responsibility for the natural world”

Durrell partnered with Creative Director, Dean Maryon of Nautilus, to produce this compelling short film which used the voices of children to convey the vital role people play in protecting and caring for our planet.

Saving species will remain at the heart of Durrell’s mission; however their ambitions will go beyond this and aim to deliver a significant change to the fortunes of threatened wildlife.

The extinction of species is the most poignant symbol of people’s destruction of nature which is making the planet less colourful and less resilient to damaging change. Durrell’s mission is to reverse this trend through their ‘intensive care’ conservation approach. 

The Trust’s overall aim is for more diverse, beautiful and resilient natural landscapes in which species can thrive and people can enjoy a deeper connection with nature.  Their new strategy concentrates on the rewilding of animals, the rewilding of ecosystems and the rewilding of people.

Durrell’s Dr Lesley Dickie explained: “We have a bold vision of a ‘wilder, healthier, more colourful world’ and want to bring about a step-change in global efforts to recover endangered species and ‘rewild’ degraded ecosystems. This means that we are planning for the long term, so that threatened species can be brought back from the brink of extinction and eventually flourish in healthy and resilient landscapes”

To read the full strategy and watch the video please click here.

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