Students take over

Posted: 23rd November, 2018

Students from Sirius Academy North took over The Deep as part of the National Takeover Challenge. The Year 10 pupils were placed in roles including CEO, Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer, Curator, Duty Manager, Guide, Finance Officer, Teacher and Maintenance Assistant.

In the last two years, nearly 100,000 children have taken part in the National Takeover Challenge, stepping into the shoes of a wide range of adult jobs and gaining experience of how organisations are run.

Katy Duke, CEO at The Deep said: “Running a visitor attraction can be extremely busy and varied, and we have created a packed programme of activities for them to help us with. This will include opening and shut down of the building, creating social media content, designing adverts, giving talks to the customers, teaching a school group, helping to stock the shop, processing invoices and much more.

“The students will also be taking part in our annual events meeting where we plan content for 2019, and will then be responsible for reporting their findings to the board at a meeting later in the day.”

Steve Williams, Director of STEM at Sirius Academy North said: “We are highly excited by the prospect of taking part in this nationally run scheme and are grateful to The Deep for welcoming us into their working lives for the day.  This fantastic opportunity will give our year 10 pupils an insight into how one of the country's greatest visitor attractions is managed and inspire future generations into marine, managerial, educational and service vocations.”

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