The Zoo hits CBBC

Posted: 15th August, 2017

How do you inspire the next generation of conservationists? With comedy, computer graphics - and poo...

National TV is putting a magical new twist on life at Paignton Zoo. The Zoo is a major new children’s comedy series starring the vocal talents of actor and comedian Hugh Dennis and a team of comedy voice artists.

The CBBC series reveals a secret world of talking animals; Paignton Zoo and Living Coasts together portray one fictitious zoo. The BBC Natural History Unit spent three months last summer filming for the series. Paignton Zoo and Living Coasts spokesperson Phil Knowling said: “It’s sharp, quick-witted and extremely well written. Grown-ups will enjoy this as much as children!”

A total of 15 10-minute episodes will be shown weekday mornings from Monday 14th August. Phil Knowling added: “This is another way of trying to inspire kids - and adults - to get excited about the wild world. And it's really funny, too!”

Documentary, animation and comedy come together in this unique take on day-to-day life at the zoo. Narrator Hugh Dennis presides over the action as he converses with both staff and animals - revealing comical observations and hilarious misinterpretations of events.

“We hope the show will inspire children to visit us, to love the natural world – and to grow up to be wildlife conservationists.”

Series producer and co-writer Aaron Paul: “It’s a kind of Animal Magic for the 21st century. It links the charm of Johnny Morris with the latest technology and modern humour to create a show which has real cross-generational and cross-gender appeal – there really is something for everyone.”

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