Tiger Mixing Success at Knowsley

Posted: 28th August, 2019

An incredible moment at Knowsley Safari when two tigers met face to face! Male tiger Kuzma, met female Bira!

Kuzma arrived at Knowsley at the start of summer and has since been slowly been introduced to the sights and smells in his new area, including the presence of the two female Amur Tigers in the neighbouring enclosure.

The following weeks were spent with the male and females seperated, while letting them discover eachother scents and sounds. This process was monitored intensly, looking at each of the tigers' behaviours in different situations.

When the signs were all positive, Bira and Kuzma met! The impressive display of tiger flirting that followed looked, and sounded, dramatic, but was actually brilliant tiger behaviour for these first stages in their mixing. Carnivore keepers at Knowsley Safari felt this was a really positive step in the future of the species!

Check back soon to see how Kuzma and Bira's relationship is going!

See the full impressive display here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsVDF63yjvw

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