Dearadh Zú

Jonathan Mcloughlin

Dearadh Zú 29 Dowland Avenue High Green Sheffield S35 4DE

  • Areas of Expertise:
  • Theming - Design and Build
  • Architecture & Building Services
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Habitat design


Founded in 2020 by Company Director Jonathan McLoughlin; DEARADH ZÚ is a zoo design consultancy practice, which offers affordable and high quality Masterplanning, and detailed landscape and habitat design services, to zoos and wildlife parks regardless of size or budget. A key feature of DEARADH ZÚ is that you will work with me directly, through an engaging, fun and interactive design process.

As a small child I set myself the goal to be a leader in zoo design. I wanted to create designs that had landscape at their heart. I wanted to create fun, immersive and captivating zoo habitats, which provided opportunities for animals to ‘be themselves’. This became a reality in 2009 when I took a chance and embarked on a career in the zoo design world. Eleven years later, and after years of zoo design experience, DEARADH ZÚ was born.