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Working with animals can be a very rewarding career and there are many different kinds of employment, work experience and voluntary placements available.

However, competition for places is fierce and it is important to consider all the facts before applying for a position.

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What do you want to do?
Talvinder Chohan

What do you want to do?

Because there are so many animal-related fields of work available, it is a good idea to decide which type of work is more suited to you and what areas you are most interested in.

For example, do you want to concentrate on domestic animals such as cats and dogs, or are you more interested in exotic animals? Do you want to work hands-on with animals, study them or teach people about them?

Also think about whether you want to work in an animal welfare-related area (caring for sick, orphaned and abandoned animals) or whether you are more interested in conservation issues - for example in conserving particular species of animals and plants and their environments.

Careers in zoos and aquariums

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