Terry Willers


More than 24 million people visit BIAZA collections every year and 1.2 million attend as part of an organised educational trip. This puts our zoos and aquariums in a unique position to teach and inspire a wide and diverse audience.

In order to want to protect the natural world we first need to understand and care about what it is we are being asked to protect. Zoos and aquariums offer a personal connection with wildlife and through effective educational programmes they can direct this emotional response towards a conservation goal.

Paul Bishop


Zoo and aquarium education programmes aim to support conservation by:

  • Motivating people to change their habits
  • Inspiring people to get involved with conservation
  • Encouraging people to donate to conservation programmes

Ultimately, our members aim to provide unique lifelong learning opportunities, to raise awareness, to increase respect and knowledge about wildlife and global issues, and to engage and connect people of all ages with the natural world. They are supported in this goal through BIAZA's Education Policy and through the work of our Learning & Volunteering Committee.