James Rowlands Artch Ltd

Karen-Jane Dudley

James Rowlands Artch Ltd 39 Meadvale Road London W5 1NT

  • Areas of Expertise:
  • Theming - Design and Build


I am a designer and sculptor and work closely with Keeper, Communication and Interpretation Departments. I provide a high quality reliable innovative design and fabrication service specialising within the museum, exhibition and zoo/visitor attraction sectors. Working alongside curators, designers and architects, from design development to fully workable 3D realisation, ARTCH Ltd provides unique creative solutions for your visitor environment.

Through extensive research and design development I make life size experiential interactive environments for the visitor ‘side’ and animal ‘side’ to enrich, engage and educate. I have a large skill set whether it is a digital model or mural, an authentic animal enclosure or a one off replica prop. I understand the exacting and ever changing requirements when working within the zoo environment.

Recent notable jobs completed for ZSL London and Whipsnade include the design and theming of the Gibbons Long House, all the interactive elements at the Centre for Elephant Care, extensive theming, interactives and set dressing for Land of the Lions and most recently the Wildlife Garden.

I have an Art School background and worked previously in the museum sector in this country and abroad and have worked on aquariums and zoos in the U.A.E.

Having recently completed contracts with prominent BIAZA members I would like the opportunity to work with other like minded businesses and organisations that share a similar philosophy.