Spillaway Projects Ltd

Karen-Jane Dudley

Spillaway Projects Ltd 37 Underhill Moulsford Oxfordshire OX10 9TH

  • Areas of Expertise:
  • Environmental Solutions


SpillAway Projects provides solutions to industrial contamination problems. Contamination causing operational, health and safety issues and unpleasant working environments requires solutions which are cost-effective, efficient and have minimal disruption for the environment. SpillAway Projects can help with solutions for hydrocarbon and FOGs contamination and with alternatives to solvent-based products. The SpillAway Brands™ range is developed from naturally occuring substances and many of the products use bioremediation to digest grease and oil contaminants, virtually removing all trace. Bio-remediation is a natural process which has been enhanced by SpillAway Brands™ to provide a simple to use solution for contamination problems. For more information on bioremediation click here. Designed to be efficient and cost-effective, the product range is extensive. SpillAway Projects Ltd have many years of experience with the SpillAway Brands™ range and we can provide advice and support for all your contamination problems.