Phase 5: Buy An Acre Argentina 2016

Hopefully by now you are aware of the storming success of the BIAZA Buy an Acre 2014 campaign which raised over £23,000 for the Mexican Sierra Gorda Reserve!  BIAZA members have cast their votes, and we are continuing the Buy an Acre theme in 2015 by raising funds to help purchase a property called El Pantanoso in northern Argentina.

El Pantanoso lies between Calilegua National Park in the south and a large tract of sustainably managed forest in the north. The habitat is Yungas cloud forest which lies along the Bernejo River. The area is rich in biodiversity: it has not been logged for 35 years and there has been no hunting for 15 years.  Its location is particularly significant because it serves as a wildlife corridor for jaguars and other threatened mammals ranging between the national park to the south and the forest to the north. 

The impressive list of other cat species known to inhabit the site includes puma, margay, ocelot and jaguarundi. The spectacled bear is likely to occur, but has not yet been confirmed. Other mammals of note include lowland tapir, collared peccaries, ring-tailed coatis, crab-eating fox, brown capuchins and red squirrels.  Around 583 species of bird, from the black solitary eagle to the speckled hummingbird have also been recorded in the Yungas, which is also a centre for amphibian endemism.

Until this land is purchased and fully protected however, there is a very real threat that the property will be cleared for agriculture or mining or acquired for commercial logging.

BIAZA have therefore set a target of £15,000 which will be donated to Fundación Biodiversidad (FB), WLT’s partners ‘on the ground’ in the region.  Not only is this an exciting opportunity to help preserve a precious area of habitat and a crucial wildlife corridor, it is also hoped that the acquisition of El Pantanoso will also leverage the protection of other neighbouring properties, which will safeguard a considerably larger area in the long run.

Fundacion Biodiversidad is run by Obdulio Menghi.  

If you would like to contribute to this campaign then please click here.

Read the WLT-BIAZA June 2015 eBulletin here
Read the WLT-BIAZA Nov 2015 eBulletin here

For fund raising resources including posters, logos and more information on this fascinating region please log in via the Member's Area and return to this page. #BuyAnAcre16

El Pantanoso Camera Trap Study by Francesco Rocca


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