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Maximise your marketing investment with support from marketers with vision, experience and expertise.

Marketing Strategy & Implementation
Results Driven PR, Content Planning and influencer work
Creative & Advertising
Online Profile & Digital Solutions
Travel Trade Sales & Partnerships
Marketing Performance & Budget Audits
Flamingo Marketing specialises in visitor attraction marketing with more than 25 years of hands-on experience in the field.  Our team has had many years working actively with aquarium and wildlife projects. 

We deliver practical solutions and offer a range of affordable packages to accomplish highly effective, measurable results.  We work in partnership with clients to develop marketing strategies with clear implementation plans which achieve objectives on budget and on time.

We understand the demands and highly competitive nature of the tourism and leisure sectors; our experienced team work quickly and efficiently to bring you success you can measure, whether that’s setting strategy and implementation plans, raising profile from PR campaigns, travel trade sales or supporting with digital and social initiatives to drive engagement and visitor numbers.

Flamingo’s focus is always on your competitive edge; that’s where we specialise and how we’re happy to be judged.

We pride ourselves on practical hands-on industry experience and flexibility.  This means we can help you one project at a time, or as a retained partner.

Because were friendly, flexible, and approachable we strive to build long-term relationships with clients; and because we’re professional and hard-working, we’re confident you’ll feel we’re a valuable part of your team.

Do get in touch to find out more [email protected] or call on 01637 808220.