Zoo and Wildlife Solutions

Karen-Jane Dudley

Zoo and Wildlife Solutions Church View Gresford Road Hope Flintshire LL12 9PW


I am a conservation scientist, wildlife veterinarian, zoo professional and an academic. Zoo and Wildlife Solutions supports my conservation work and research both in zoos and in the wild. Through the company I provide a unique consultancy combining technical veterinary and scientific expertise with managerial, policy and advocacy skills to offer a diverse range of services in the zoological, conservation and wildlife health field.

I provide a wide range of services to zoos, large or small including: 

  • Acquistion of zoo licenses and compliance with zoo licensing requirements
  • Site and enclosure development and collection planning
  • Masterplanning and zoo design
  • Legislation compliance for Balai Directive, Health and Safety and Imports 
  • Special interest in Health and Safety in zoos 
  • Conservation and research strategy development and management.

I am available for short or long-term contracts