Markus Wilder

BIAZA Annual Awards 2020 winners announced

Posted: 13th September, 2020

BIAZA is proud to announce the winners of the annual BIAZA awards for 2020, during an unprecedented year for zoos and aquariums.  

The winners showcase a huge range of important and exciting projects worked on by BIAZA zoos and aquariums, and the annoucement comes at an immensely challenging time for these conservation organisations - after months of closures they are fighting to recover from the impacts of the Coronavirus.  

The winning projects cover a range of ten different categories, with awards being announced each week during the month of September via the BIAZA Facebook page.

Winners announced so far can be found below:

Animal Husbandry, Care and Breeding Category:

  • Belfast Zoo – “François’ Langur: Breeding Success” – BRONZE
  • Bristol Zoo Gardens – “Breeding success in a captive born generation of pygmy slow loris” – BRONZE
  • Wildwood Trust – “Rehabilitating two rescued European Brown Bears through captive torpor, a natural environment and social integration.” – SILVER
  • ZSL London Zoo – “Husbandry advances for tree monitors” – SILVER
  • Shaldon Wildlife Trust, Wildplanet Trust – Newquay Zoo, Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens – “Operation Save Our Civets – BIAZA zoos collaborating to conserve an endangered species” – SILVER
  • Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust/Chester Zoo – “Development of a novel anaesthesia technique in a critically endangered anuran: Mountain chicken frog (Leptodactylus fallax)” – GOLD
  • Twycross Zoo – “An institutional development programme to advance wound management in primates via positive reinforcement training” – GOLD
  • Chester Zoo – “A holistic approach to improving Rhinoceros Hornbill (Buceros rhinoceros) care & breeding at Chester zoo.” – GOLD


Behaviour and Welfare Category:

  • Wildwood Trust – “Comparing the frequency of stereotypical behaviour in captive brown bears Ursus arctos arctos at the Wildwood Trust.” – BRONZE
  • Twycross Zoo – “Zoo keepers develop Qualitative Behaviour Assessment as a welfare assessment tool at Twycross Zoo” – SILVER
  • Paradise Wildlife Park – “Utilising Control as a Primary Reinforcer in the Husbandry and Presentation of Raptor Species” – SILVER
  • Bristol Zoo Gardens – “CENTROP Improvements” – SILVER
  • ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo – “Development of an events monitoring programme” – GOLD
  • ZSL London Zoo – “Giving Okapi Okapia johnstoni choice in exhibit utilisation throughout a 24-hour period:  its effect on behaviour, stereotyping and enclosure usage.” – GOLD


Conservation Category:

  • Twycross Zoo – “Capacity building and first successful reintroduction of Geoffroy's spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi) in Belize” – SILVER
  • Chester Zoo – “Nature Reserve at Chester Zoo” – SILVER
  • Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, WWT Slimbridge – “Saving the Madagascar pochard” – GOLD
  • Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust – “The Agile Frog Project – ensuring the future of a local amphibian species on Jersey” – GOLD


Education Category:

  • Belfast Zoo – “Science Behind the Zoo” – BRONZE
  • The Deep – “IUCN Red List assessment training for University of Hull” - BRONZE
  • Paradise Wildlife Park – “HEART Project” – Bronze
  • Wildwood Trust – “Night Tours” – BRONZE
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park – “Employability Day” – SILVER
  • RZSS – “Biodiversity (Secondary Lesson)” – SILVER
  • Knowsley Safari – “Zoo-scription: Safari Park Health Initiatives” – SILVER
  • Twycross Zoo – “Training the next generation of wild animal health professionals” - SILVER
  • ZSL London Zoo – “Leonard Cheshire and ZSL 'Can Do' Programmes Collaboration” - SILVER
  • Galway Atlantaquaria – “One Small Change” – GOLD
  • Blackpool Zoo – “Future Zoo” – GOLD
  • Galway Atlantaquaria, Tayto Park, Dublin Zoo, Secret Valley Wildlife Park, Fota Wildlife Park, Oceanworld Dingle – “National STEM Collaboration; working together to promote BIAZA Conservation Education to the Junior Cycle Teachers in Ireland.” – GOLD

Congratulations to all!