Lauren Palmer

BIAZA denounces Government U turn on climate change

Posted: 20th September, 2023

Today BIAZA, the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums, has expressed its disappointment in the UK Government’s watering down of Net Zero promises. As a conservation organisation committed to a future where nature is thriving, we know that tackling climate change must be at the top of the Government agenda.  
BIAZA’s CEO Dr Jo Judge spoke against the Government’s announcement saying: “Far from reneging on net zero the Government should be doubling down. Our planet, our lifestyles and the nature we treasure are reliant on the world stopping climate change.” 

“Our zoos and aquariums are leaders in sustainability and many are on their way to achieving Net Zero sites. They teach visitors, adults and children, everyday about the challenges of climate change. The Prime Minister should come to our zoos and see this positive, practical work to fight climate change in action.” 

BIAZA zoos such as Marwell Wildlife are committed to sustainable futures. Marwell has recently achieved net zero through innovative practices including using animal poo as a sustainable source of energy! 
Species being conserved by BIAZA zoos and aquariums at risk from climate change include: 

BIAZA is joining other environmental charities in calling for all the major parties to commit to ambitious environmental pledges in their manifestos for the next general election. We are calling for support for farmers, making polluters pay, making more space for nature, the creation of green jobs and a right to a healthy environment to be enshrined in law.