C McGuire

BIAZA launches 2021 Edition of Sustainability Guide for Zoos and Aquariums

Posted: 16th February, 2021

BIAZA is proud to announce the launch of the BIAZA Sustainability Guide for Zoos and Aquariums: 2021 Edition!

Ensuring all of our member collections are operating as sustainably as possible is incredibly important to the community – it is vital as those who are at the forefront of protecting the natural world to set an excellent example and to ensure we are practicing what we are preaching. Although the document potentially may look daunting, it has been perfectly designed to allow the reader to dip in and out of relevant chapters depending on their needs – covering a wide range of accessible topics. The guide is split into broad action areas and covers the following:

  • Waste
  • Travel
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Education & Engagement
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Carbon Footprint Calculation
  • Monitoring, Measuring and KPI’s
  • Sustainable Development Goals

BIAZA would like to thank the Environmental Impact & Sustainability Working Group who have been instrumental in all elements of the development of this document and without whom its completion would not have been possible. The EISWG remain an active group who are in place to support all BIAZA members with advice so please get in touch via the Office or, if a member, feel free to join the closed members’ Facebook group as a forum for further discussion.