Sarah Blake

BIAZA reveals the economic impact of member zoo and aquariums

Posted: 8th April, 2020

BIAZA has developed an overview of the value our BIAZA members contribute to the economy at a challenging time for zoos and aquariums.

Economic infographi

Data was collected as part of BIAZA’s annual survey and previous surveys. The results show the huge role member zoos and aquariums play in society.

Dr Madelon Willemsen, Chief Executive Officer at BIAZA said: “I am pleased we are able to demonstrate the importance of zoos and aquariums and the value they add to the economy, at such a challenging time for our members.”

“We are working hard to support all our members as we face the coronavirus crisis together. We will be using this information to reiterate the importance of good zoos and aquariums for the community, conservation and the economy.”

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