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BIAZA Welcomes Passing of Shark Fin Bill

Posted: 29th June, 2023

Today (29/06/23) the Shark Fins Act was adopted into UK law. BIAZA welcomes this new law which will reinforce the existing shark finning regulations.

The Act will promote shark conservation via the banning of imported and exported detached shark fins – including products containing fins like tinned shark fin soup. Although this is not an all-out ban on shark fin trade, it will be more challenging for would-be traders.

This legislation represents a key step in shark conservation both within the UK whilst setting an example globally as leaders in shark conservation.

The Shark Fins Act recently went through both Houses of Westminster and was supported unanimously by MPs and Peers from all sides. The Shark Trust in particular has been engaging in proceedings, and has been acknowledging this major step in a 20 year journey from the first Shark Finning Regulation in 2003.

Animal Welfare Minister Lord Benyon said:

“Shark finning is an inexcusably cruel practice that has led to the suffering and death of countless sharks. The practice is rightly banned in UK waters, but trade has continued, with serious implications for the future of these magnificent creatures.

“That is why it is so important we ban the import and export of detached shark fins and I welcome the Shark Fins Act as an important step in our commitment to champion the conservation and sustainable management of sharks wherever they are fished.”

BIAZA is grateful to the charities and campaigners who worked tirelessly to help bring about this Act. Many shark species are on the brink due to overfishing and demand for shark fin products, and swift action is required to ensure sharks can continue their vital role in marine ecosystems.

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