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Blog: From polar bears to coral reefs we must share our climate change stories

Posted: 22nd July, 2021

Fiona Dear, Head of Campaigns at the Climate Coalition tells us about the Great Big Green Week and why she wants to see more Zoos and Aquariums involved.

Those working with endangered species will be more than aware that we are seeing the impacts of climate change on the people, places and wildlife that makes our world special both here in the UK and abroad. From Coral Reefs on the brink because of warming seas to Polar Bears running out of hunting grounds. Climate change is the fight of our lifetime. 

The time is now to do everything we can to protect our amazing world. The extinction crisis is inextricably linked to our warming world. We are already witnessing extreme weather, changing habitats, changing animal behaviours and communities driven into conflict with the natural world as a result of climate change. In the UK, 85% of Brits are now worried about the climate crisis.

2021 is an important year for climate change in the UK. Not only is our government making decisions about how to recover from the COVID pandemic, which will determine whether we shift to a low carbon path, but in November an important UN climate summit will be taking place. If successful, the summit (also known as COP26) will increase global ambition and action to keep global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees - the level that’s widely considered to minimise the risks of climate change. And our government is hosting it in Glasgow. 

This presents a huge opportunity for everyone in the UK to call for faster and more decisive action to tackle climate change at home and abroad. 

The great news is that so much is happening to tackle climate change, from local communities to multinational companies. And to celebrate this groundswell of action, we’re holding the Great Big Green Week from 18-26th September (called the Climate Fringe Week in Scotland), and you’re invited. 

Zoos and Aquariums are playing an important role in the fight to tackle climate change. Educating the public about the impact we are having on the world’s amazing species, whilst supporting conservation initiatives has long been a role of zoos and aquariums. This is so important if we are to inspire the public to accept - and call for - action on climate change. 

But we’re also seeing zoos and aquariums take action to minimise their impact, whether that’s cutting out single use plastic with the #oneless campaign, achieving net zero emissions or on the journey there.

We want to see as many zoos and aquariums as possible join us to tell their compelling stories during the Great Big Green Week. We want to see zoos and aquariums use their reach online and on sites to tell everyone what they’re doing to tackle climate change, reach out to members, media, set up trails across sites or host events. 

There are already over 1000 events planned for the Great Big Green Week, and partners from Manchester United to Ben & Jerry’s getting involved, with appearances in places like Chelsea Flower Show and London Fashion Week. 

We look forward to seeing your story during the Great Big Green Week. 

Click here to get involved in the Great Big Green Week

By Fiona Dear,

Head of Campaigns, The Climate Coalition