Chessington World of Adventures Resort

Chessington waves goodbye to giraffe as part of move with European Breeding Programme

Posted: 31st August, 2023

Chessington World of Adventures Resort said goodbye to Khari, a male reticulated giraffe, on July 26 as he headed off to Zoo Brno in the Czech Republic in hopes to breed as part of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP).

Khari, now four years old, originally joined the Resort back in the summer of 2021 after leaving his birth-home of ZSL Whipsnade. He was due to stay at the Resort for a few months before heading off to the Czech Republic, but Brexit regulations got in the way and since then, Chessington have housed him as part of their bachelor group.

In January, over 75 zoos, aquariums and conservationists have marked the 3-year anniversary of Brexit by calling for UK Government to negotiate an agreement with the EU commission to allow for the transfer of zoo/aquarium animals between Britain and the EU. This year to date BIAZA members have carried out 168 transfers between UK and EU, whereas in the years pre-Brexit it was expected to be around 700 transfers by August.

After months of planning, Khari finally made his move to Zoo Brno. Around 400 species are managed under the EEP throughout European zoos. Born as part of such a programme, this young adult giraffe has moved to Europe to help ensure genetic diversity of animals in the care of zoo teams across the continent.

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