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Love is in the air at Belfast Zoo with the new Scottish wildcat couple

Posted: 7th February, 2020

Belfast Zoo’s new Scottish wildcat couple, Oscar and Ossian, have arrived just in time for Valentine’s!

Ossian, Belfast Zoo’s new Scottish wildcat female, came from RZSS Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland and Oscar, the zoo’s new male, came from Alladale Wilderness Reserve in Scotland. Scottish wildcats face intense pressure with numbers continuing to drop rapidly each year, and it is hoped the zoo will be able to play a role in conserving this native species, fight the threat of extinction through breeding and help Scottish wildcat numbers grow. The main threats affecting Scottish wildcats are hybridisation, disease and accidental persecution. Hybridisation is a term used to describe the cross breeding of Scottish wildcats with domesticated or feral cats. Crossbreeding has led to a huge decline in pure Scottish Wildcat numbers in the wild. Scottish wildcats face intense pressure from farmers, bird keepers, game keepers and other parties due to accidental persecution when misidentified as feral cats. The latest addition to Belfast Zoo will provide the zoo with the opportunity to educate all our visitors about Scottish Wildcats and the threats they face. 

Alyn Cairns, Zoo Manager, said "It is a pleasure and fantastic opportunity for us to home such an iconic, native species, at Belfast Zoo. The Scottish wildcats face the threat of extinction as numbers diminish to record lows. Belfast Zoo continues to develop native species conservation efforts and with the arrival of the Scottish wildcats we hope that we can support the recovery of this iconic species. We have hopes of taking part in a new breeding programme with wildlife reserve partners in Scotland. It is hoped that the third generation of kittens from the new Scottish wildcat couple at Belfast Zoo will be released back into the wild. We would like to thank P&O ferries for sponsoring the travel of the Scottish wildcats to Belfast Zoo and look forward to hopefully seeing some adorable Scottish wildcat kittens soon!’’

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