Meet Wild Discovery

Posted: 2nd June, 2021

We asked newest Full Member Wild Discovery to introduce themselves:

Wild Discovery is small zoo which opened its doors to the public just a few years ago and is immensely proud to achieve BIAZA membership.

As a collection we are always striving to achieve the best. We have a varied collection consisting of mainly small and unusual species, many are endangered and we support several EEP breeding programmes, including Kirks Dik Dik, Giant Anteater, Binturong, Goeldis Monkey, Bush Babies and Bolivian Squirrel Monkey.

We run our own conservation project based in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. Working with local farmers to set up beehive fencing as a solution to human wildlife conflict. We also support several other conservation projects including the Philippine Crocodile, based out in Lurzon. We also support several native projects including the Scottish Wildcat, Adders and Red Squirrel.

At Wild Discovery an interactive educational visit for our visitors is key. We want our visitors to enjoy a fun day out at the zoo, learning more about the species that live here and what work is being done to help save them.

Future plans for the zoo include the development of an animal demonstration arena, where we can offer free flying birds demonstrations to larger groups, the development of a Silent Forest campaign and an Australian exhibit.

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