Our specialist services

Posted: 2nd December, 2019

We offer ongoing or one-off zoo consultancy services.  Our specialist services can be flexible for the needs of your collection.

Our services include:

  • Enclosure design
  • Enrichment advice
  • Husbandry recommendations
  • Nutrition reviews and advice
  • Zoo licence inspection preparation
  • Policy review and document preparation
  • Welfare assessment
  • Collection planning guidance
  • Advising on education, research and conservation policies
  • Staff training including subjects such as zoonotic disease, biosecurity, legislation, record keeping, enrichment

In addition, we can also provide veterinary support.  Sarah can offer the service of being the named zoo vet on your zoo licence, performing an overseeing role and working in conjunction with your current local veterinary service provider. 

Veterinary support would include:

  • Routine visits and reports
  • Advice on clinical and pathology cases
  • Regular communications (emails and phone calls)
  • Preventative health programmes creation and review
  • Animal transfer planning
  • Infectious disease contingency planning
  • Biosecurity and zoonotic disease advice
  • Regular clinical and pathology reviews
  • Advice regarding the BALAI approval process
  • Ethical review committee meetings

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